1. By registering for submission, entrants are considered to agree to the following terms & conditions of A&D Trophy Awards and A&D China Awards ('both Awards').
  2. All payments are not refundable after purchase.
  3. Entrants are required to submit all information in English. Submissions in other languages will be disqualified without prior notice.
  4. Submitted entries are not cancellable and editable. Payment made cannot be used for any purposes other than the submitted entry, such as purchase of other award entries and/or products.
  5. All information and documents supplied by entrants, including their identities, written submissions and commentaries developed during the review of entries, are kept confidential during the judging process.
  6. Relevant information from the entrants' submission materials will be used in coverage of the winners and winning entries, both in print and online, by Perspective Limited and the associated media partners of both Awards. If the entrant does not want any of the images to be publicized, he/she is requested to add a prominent watermark of "NOT FOR PUBLISHING" on the image(s) before submitting.
  7. All judges are required to declare in advance to Perspective Limited any cases or situations which may create any apparent or potential conflict of interest. The judge in question will refrain from reviewing the entries concerned or handling in any manner the materials submitted by the award entrants involved.
  8. Perspective Limited may request verification of the data submitted by contestants during the judging process.
  9. The winners will remain confidential until they are revealed at the awards presentation ceremony.
  10. All finalists will be invited by Perspective Limited to attend the awards presentation ceremony.
  11. All materials submitted will automatically become the property of Perspective Limited and will not be returned to entrants. These materials may be released for publicity purposes without further notification or clearance from the party concerned.
  12. A properly completed entry form must be submitted with each entry. Entries with missing and/or untrue information will be disqualified.
  13. Perspective Limited reserves the right to publish any information or images relating to the winning entries in Perspective magazine, Perspective+, Perspective website, the official websites of both Awards, and for any PR or promotional material relating specifically to both Awards.
  14. Perspective Limited takes no responsibility for any erroneous information or claims made by entrants in relation to submitted entries in both Awards.
  15. Perspective Limited and both Awards have sole, full and absolute discretion in the selection and management of both Awards' panels of judges, which shall review received submissions which have been appropriately examined, filtered and approved by both Awards and Perspective Limited.
  16. Both Awards' panels of judges shall allocate points according to a scoring system based on pre-set and published criteria.
  17. All scores shall remain confidential and the sole, full and absolute property of both Awards and Perspective Limited.
  18. Both Awards, Perspective Limited and both Awards' panel of judges shall not reveal, justify or explain the final decisions and ultimate results at the end of the adjudication process.
  19. The decisions of both Awards' panels of judges, both Awards and Perspective Limited are final and binding.
  20. For the latest terms & conditions, please visit perspective-adawards.com.
  1. 一经登记,即代表参赛者同意及理解以下有关「A&D Trophy Awards」及「A&D 建+设大奖」(下称「比赛」)的条款及细则。
  2. 一经付款,任何情况下均不设退款。
  3. 作品一经递交将不能撤回或作出修改。所付的费用亦不能用作递交该作品以外的用途,例如参加其他项目及/或购买其他产品。
  4. 参赛者须以英文所提交的所有资料。其他语言的作品将会被取消参赛资格而不作另行通知。
  5. 在评审阶段期间,参赛者提交的所有物料,包括个人资料、作品内容及审核期间所提及的相关注释,将会完全保密。
  6. 参赛者提交的所有物料将会被用作 Perspective Limited 及媒体伙伴有关比赛得奖名单报导,包括印刷版本及其他网上平台。如参赛者不希望指定图片被公开放在报导里面,他需在该图片上清楚地加上「NOT FOR PUBLISHING」之水印。
  7. 如评审发现与参实者有任何形式的利益冲突,须预先向 Perspective Limited 申报。相关评审将不会评核相关参赛者的作品。
  8. Perspective Limited 有可能向参赛者索取更多证明以核实所提交资料的真确性。
  9. 得奖名单将会保密,直至在颁奖典礼当晚方会公布。
  10. 所有参赛者将被邀请出席颁奖典礼。(入场费用需由参赛者自行承担。)
  11. 参赛者提交的所有物料将自动成为 Perspective Limited 的财产并不作归还。所有内容将会在不作预先通知情况下于相关平台公开展示。
  12. 参赛者必须正确地填写参赛表格上的每一个项目。递交未完成及/或有失实资料的参赛表格的参赛者将会被取消资格。
  13. Perspective Limited 有权在《PERSPECTIVE 透视》、《Perspective+》场刊、Perspective 网站、比赛网站及所有相关的宣传物料公开展示参赛作品的内容及图像。
  14. Perspective Limited 不会为参赛者提供的错误资料及陈述负上任何责任。
  15. 比赛的评审单位将由 Perspective Limited 严格地选出,并由 Perspective Limited 统筹。
  16. 比赛的评审将根据既定评审准则评分。
  17. 所有评分为 Perspective Limited 的财产,并将会保密。
  18. 比赛、Perspective Limited 及比赛的评审将不会透露及为大奖任何决定及结果作任何解释。
  19. 比赛、Perspective Limited 及比赛的评审保留有约束力的最终决定权。
  20. 有关最新的条款及细则,请浏览 perspective-adawards.com