The A&D Trophy Awards (previously The Perspective Awards) were created in 2004 to celebrate excellence in architecture, interior design and product design across Asia-Pacific and beyond, with a panel of expert local and international judges ensuring that only genuinely exceptional work is rewarded.

Whether you're an architect, interior designer or product designer – or aspiring to join their ranks – you're only as good as your latest project. If you are recognised with a win, it will be with the knowledge that your work is truly outstanding in an exceedingly tough competition.

There are three levels of A&D Trophy Awards prizes: Certificate of Excellence, Best of Category and Best of the Best. Additionally, the Pinnacle Award is a discretionary accolade given by Perspective's board of directors and editorial team to either an individual or a firm who has demonstrated consistent high standards, innovation, original thought and all-round excellence in their field. Other factors, such as involvement in the community and peer recognition, are also considered.

International, regional and local architecture and design companies are invited to participate. The competition is open to:

  • Asia-Pacific architecture and interior design projects completed between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2019.
  • International architecture and interior design projects completed between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2019, for entry into the International Architecture and International Interior Design categories.
  • Products that are available for sale including through online platforms in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Products that are not available in Asia Pacific, for entry into the International Product Design category.

In the Students Categories, projects related to architecture, interior design and product design can be submitted.

For further information, please contact:

Perspective Limited Marketing Department

  • Address: Unit B, 1/F, Cheung Wah Industrial Building, 10-12 Shipyard Lane, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
  • Phone: (852) 3910-6379 / (852) 3910-6389
  • Email: [email protected]

《PERSPECTIVE透视》早于 2004 年开始举办由海内外多位业界专家担任评审的A&D Trophy Awards,以表扬亚太区内以至区外优秀的建筑、室内和产品设计。颁奖礼于每年 11 月举行,15 年来已建立了强大的网络,并得到亚洲以至欧美等业界翘楚鼎力支持,深受业内人士推崇。

A&D 建+设大奖(A&D China Awards)创立于 2018 年,旨在表扬大中华区的杰出建筑、室内设计及产品设计,评审团队由多位国内和国际专业人士组成,选出实至名归的得奖者。



  • 所有于 2017 年 1 月 1 日至 2019 年 6 月 30 日期间完成的位于大中华区的建筑及室内设计项目。
  • 于 2017 年 1 月 1 日至 2019 年 6 月 30 日之间完成的位于大中华区以外的国际建筑及室内设计项目,可报名参加国际建筑及国际室内设计类别。
  • 产品设计类别里,所有于大中华区市场销售,包括通过在线购物平台的产品(如国际品牌的家具、灯饰,浴室产品等),均可参赛;不在大中华区流通的设计则应报名参加国际类别。

A&D 建+设大奖頒獎典禮將於上海舉行,详情请留意日後公布。


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